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Life is the pressure

Do what you have to do
Over what you want to
Never give up any option
That’s a simple opinion
Organize your life
Vote for your present
Even if you do it twice
Rate your moment
To have the time
And the hopes to change
Knowing the life is the
End of what you think
You have to move
Or just prove
Under the pressure
Ride on the futur
Life is important
In the world, your building
for the next moment
Exiting the life your folding


Cry for your life

My heart has to move
If it’s still in place
Will we find an ace
In the world that prouve
The might of the sky
And the peace in my cries


Life is important

Identity dont feel infinity
Hopes do die unfairly
Happyness isn’t findable
Thoughtfulness is valuable
My life was wonderful
But it’s so impossible


Change your life

My life should change
Nothing can andle it
The worst always happening
Maybe we care of the things
That we can’t control
Since we care the call


Moving to you

Have you ever thought
That something happen you
When you know you fought
There is nothing for you
Nothing is same anymore
Everything moved to the door


My feeling for you

I walk today
I feel the day
Maybe dark appear
But I want to stay here
Since my life is easier
Because you came closer


I love you

I Want You To Know, To See

When You Are With Me I’m loving You Personnaly

I Would Like You To Be Close To me

When I’m Not Far From You, I Can See In Your Eyes That You Fell Something for me

I Think That I Would Like To Be Your Lover

When Ever I whisper

When Ever I’m With You

I Try To Tell You How Much I Love You

I’m Sure That Bye The Time You’re reading This poem, Your Heart is Infinitely deeply Charmed





Every Days i spend without you, it make me fell like it’s an eternity
I Love you Enough to let my heart open for you and me
To Show You How Much I Love you
I Loved You, I Love You and I’ll Love You
I want You To Know That i’m always been Truthful with You
You Are Most Beautyful of the flowers
You Are My Rainbow, that Show me the life So Beautyful and colorful forever
I Always will be there For You When ever will happen
When You Are Close To Me I smile often

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